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  • vegetable, vegetables, water products, kebabs, doner kebabs, meatball, meatballs, bolete mushroom, frozen anchovy fillet, frozen anchovy, frozen shrimps, green beans, kidney bean, okra, onion, pepper, peppers, sardine fillet, spinach, tomato
    Founded in Rize in 1995, Beşler Food Ltd. Sti. 14 years. Besides Şenpiliç, Frozenlife, Bereket Döner, Ayfrost, Kingtom products are made by Rize - Artvin Region Franchise. We
    Telephone: +90 464 214 45 75 Address: Kale Mahallesi, Keresteciler Sokak, No:21/1-A, Merkez, Rize, Türkiye
  • sea foods, seafoods, aquaculture products, fishes, fresh fishes, sea food, seafood, aquaculture product, fish, fresh fish, sea bream, sea bass, trout, pike perch, bluefish, mackerel, blue whiting, sardine, hamsi, octopus, shrimp, calamaris, bream, seabream, bass, seabass, salmon, salmon trout, whitefish, whiting fish, whiting, pilchard, anchovy, calamary, calamar
    CALLUT Seafood is established in 1999 on the area of 2000m2 with production capacity of 5mt/day and today became a factory covering an area of 12000m2 with its production capacity
    Telephone: +90 332 547 43 92 Address: Tolca Mahallesi,Tolca Köyü Sokak, Hüyük, No: 228, Beyşehir, Konya, Turkey
  • sea products, seafood market, seafoods, clean water products, fishery, aquaculture, aquatic product, seafood, aquatic products, perch, sea bream, sea bass, trout egg, trout, trout, forage, baits, trout eggs, fresh seafood, frozen seafood, fillets, fish filet, shellfish, canned tuna fish, slice fish, bonito, trout, salmon, sardine, perch, anchovy, fishing, fish farming, aquaculture, aquacultural
    We produce and supply sea products, seafood market, seafoods, clean water products, fishery, aquaculture, aquatic product, seafood, aquatic products, perch, sea bream, sea bass,
    Telephone: +90 212 643 25 84 Address: Kale Kilit San. Mah. Özer Sk. 46/48, Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fish, fishing, food, sea bream, sea bass, rainbow trout, smoked, anchovy, sardine, sepia, red shrimps, seafood, fishing, fish farming, aquaculture, aquacultural
    eta Aquaculture Industry and Trade Corporation is a company based on its cofounders’ education, knowledge and experience and it has become a part of the industry with its policy
    Telephone: +90 232 483 34 74 Address: İTOB Org. San. Bölg., Ekrem Demirtaş Cad., No: 57, Menderes, İzmir, Turkey
  • fish, fishes, sea products, seafood, fish farming, I bream, perch, trout, norway salmon, sea fish, octopus, akya, red mullet, small bluefish, john dory, lantern, anchovy, lobster, horse mackerel, jumbo shrimp, squid, turbot, shrimp, gray mullet, swordfish, gray gurnard, large bluefish, sea bass, perch, lipsos, bluefish, coral, whiting, corb, bonito, crab, kitty, sardine, aegean tuna, mackerel, smoked trout, salmon marine, fish patties, anchovy, fish soup, frozen products, crab surge
    Dear Sirs; We as Sagdiclar Fishery and Seafood Company is in this business since 1980 and headquarter pleaced in Istanbul / TURKEY. First of all; you have to know that ; We
    Telephone: +90 216 343 35 30 Address: Mehmet Akif Mh. Koknar Cd. Yücedağ Sk. No:13/A, Çekmeköy, Istanbul, TURKEY
  • cereals, seafoods, mussels, tomato pastes, jams, pasta, spaghetti, semolina, wheat flour, energy drink, beverages, exporter, cakes, doughnut, biscuits, choco pie, snacks, wafer, puffed rice, chocolate, africa, saudi, asia, nepal, libya, tunis, algeria, ulker, red bull, nestle, kellogs, corn flakes, choco pops, choco corn, choco rice, private label, long cut pasta, short cut pasta, bluefish, seabass, crawfish, milka, shrimp, sardine, olive oil, peanut oil, syrup, sauces, ketchup, mayoneisse, halva, fruit juice, beverage, food, foods, biscuit, sheepmeat, lambmeat, icetea, mineralwater, cashew, kaju, scarf, scarves
    As Zafericon Foreign Trade, we are a supplier company based in Istanbul and operate in fields of foods and
    Telephone: +902129702628 Address: EGS Business Park Blokları,Yeşilköy Mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi, B2 Blok, No:12/1, 34149, Bakırköy
  • fish, sardine, seafood, squid, tuna
    We are pleased to inform you that we are in a position to offer the followings. Yellowfin Tuna: WR, GG, H&G,Loins Skipjack Tuna : WR Cuttle Fish : Whole, Cleaned,
    Telephone: 0091-484-2220346 Address: 16/1083A, Hadees Centre, Karuvelipady, cochin
  • anchovy, anchovy fillet, apple, apricot, artichoke, bean, blackberry, blueberry, bonito, broad bean, broccoli, brussels sprout, carrot, cauliflower, cherry, clam meat, cuttlefish, fresh water items, frozen fruits, frozen seafood, frozen vegetables, grape, green pepper, kidney bean, mackerel, octopus, okra, plum, raspberry, red carrot, red pepper, sand smelt, sardine, sea bass fillet, sea bream fillet, shrimp, sour cherry, spinach, strawberry, tomato, wild strawberry, yellow pepper, zucchini
    Our company is a Turkish, frozen fruits, vegetables, seafood and freshwater items processing, importing, exporting and domestically distributing company based in Ankara, Turkey
    Telephone: +903122126612 Address: Ayten St. No:26 Tandoğan, Turkey
  • fresh cooled water products, freezed water products, fleto water products, water products, anchovy, horse mackerel, shrimp, clamary, octopus, bonito, pomatomidae, bluefish, carpenter, silver lake, whiting, sea bass, papalina, gilt head beam, mullet, red mullet, trout, striped bream, mussel, sardine, caramote prawn
    BAL-Pİ GIDA was founded in 1995 and has been rapidly developed since then. The company is continuing the activities in its modern business facilities constructed by using the
    Telephone: +90 224 484 21 00 Address: Hasanağa Org. San. Bölgesi No=37, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • sardine, tuna, canned food, olives, olive oil, vegetebale oil, tomato paste, dried tomatoes, garlic, seafood, food, canned sardine, capers, artichokes, moroccan sardine
    Established in Morocco in 1983 by Mr Ahmed El Ansari, ESTABLISHMENT EL ANSARI IMP-EXP is a company oriented towards trade and international trade in order to meet the needs of
    Telephone: +212524432170 Address: Av. Abdelkarim el khattabi, MIRAMAS II App N D33 Gueliz Marrakech Morocco
  • beef luncheon meat, biscuit, canned beans, canned fruit, canned mackerel, canned sardine, canned tuna, canned vegetable, chicken luncheon meat, corned beef, cracker, garlic, ham luncheon meat, instant dry yeast, instant noodle, peanut butter, sweet corn, tomato paste
    We have been specialized in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of tasty canned food for long history, with annual production capacity of about 10,000 tons. Our main
    Telephone: 86-531-82861819 Address: No. 83, Shungeng Road, Shizhong District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
  • baramundi, catfish, cuttlefish, grouper, kingfish, marlin, milkfish, octopus, oilfish, red snapper, sardine, skipjack, squid, sweetlip, swordfish, tuna
    We are seafood proceesing company from Surabaya, Indonesia, we produce tropical fishes. Please visit our web. For detail info please do not hesitate to contact
    Telephone: +62.31.8547202 Address: Central Square E-31, Jl. Ahmad Yani 41-43, Gedangan, Sidoarjo
  • canned fruit juice, canned pineapple, canned sweet kernel corn, canned tuna, canned sardine, thai rice
    We are Thai exporter and trading company supplies various types of Canned Foods / Beverages and Agriculture products. Our main products are Thai rice, Canned Pineapple and other
    Telephone: 66-0-25183148 Address: 3/77 Bangna-Trad K.M. 3, Bangna, Bangkok
  • mineral water, energy drink, fruit juice, oats, canned sardine, frozen fish, frozen meat
    Dear Sir, We are buyer company base here in Togo Republic and we looking to buy: Mineral Water, Energy Drink, Fruit Juice, Oats, Canned Sardine, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat
    Telephone: 22809009633 Address: 2535 rue de zongo asiyeye b-p 34583
  • sea bream, sea bass, rainbow trout, trout roe caviar, royal sea bass, smoked trout fillet (specialty food), canned sardine, fish meal, fish oil, poultry meal
  • luncheon chicken meat, conserve products, makdous, falafel mix, falafel, tahini, halva, bread sticks, dry mallow, dried vegetable, thyme, olive oil, pomegranate molasses, freekeh, legumes, basmati rice, tomato paste, tuna, sardine, white mashroom, spices, grape leaves, black olive, pickles, vegetable ghee, pure vegetable margarine, sunflower oil, fruit juice, orange juice with pulp, sri lankan tea, syrian coffee, ice coffee, chips
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